Parents register in the app to create accounts for themselves and their kids. It only takes a few minutes!

A lot! Teenz offers you considerably more tools and methods for teaching your kids financial responsibility, as well as setting up payments and transfers, actively monitoring their accounts, etc.

As soon as your kids understand what money is, they’re ready for Teenz.

You can use the Teenz debit card anywhere Mastercard is accepted domestically.

Completely. All transactions are insured, and all communication required to make transactions is encrypted.

No problem! You can order a new card in the Card Controls section of the Teenz app. You can also turn off your current card.

Yes! Open up Card Controls in the app for a variety of options regarding limits and controls.

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Teenz is a digital solution offered by Agora’s banks and credit union partners. With Teenz, you can give your kids the most secure debit card while teaching them financial literacy.

Teenz is a debit card, not a credit card. Your teen can’t spend more than his/her balance. Of course, you can always add money to their account in less than a minute with the Parents’ App.

Teenz is not a prepaid account. It is a bank account where you can deposit to and withdraw from immediately, on-demand. Also, because it is a deposit account, you can open real saving accounts for your kids, simply from your Parents’ App.

Yes! Teenz is FDIC insured up to $250,000. Giving allowance to your children has never been so secure.

Any teen between six to 17 years old can use Teenz with a parent or guardian requesting to open a Teenz account.

  1. Download the App through the link provided by your bank or credit union or through this link (Link Parent App Google / IOS)
  2. We’re making it simple for you. Take a picture through the App of your Driving License or State ID, and our advanced platform will automatically extract and prefill your application with your first name / last name / DOB / address.
  3. Add your cell phone, email, and the last 4 Digits of your Social Security Number (no credit check done – just for security reasons) and it’s complete; your Parent account is set up.

You can sign up to five kids per parent account. Log in your Parent App, click the child button, tell us if it’s for your son or daughter, provide your child’s first/last name, their cell phone, DOB, last four digits of their Social Security Number and the account will be set up! Your child now has an open checking account!

In your Parent App, go to your profile page, click my cards and add any of your Mastercard or Visa debit card (from your bank or credit union or any other financial institution) in the App. We currently only accept debit cards as a form of payment.

Yes! You can set up recurring transfers for bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly allowance, right down to choosing the day.

Launch your Parent App

  • Click the + button
  • Then Send
  • Type the amount, choose your child, click one time or recurrent, then Continue
  • You can send to their main account, a pocket or create a dedicated pocket (for a saving account); click continue
  • Choose how you want to send money (P2P if this is offered by your bank or credit union, ACH from your checking account or one of your debit cards, Validate

Yes, your child can use their Teenz card everywhere Mastercard is accepted; online, in-store or withdraw at an ATM. Any limits you establish may preclude this access.

For the protection of your children we have put the below limits

Maximum Balance for the main account $5,000
Maximum Balance for an individual Sub-Account (if not a saving) $2,000
Maximum Balance for an individual Sub-Account (if a saving, per saving account) $10,000
Minimum amount of an initial value load $0
Minimum amount of a value reload by Debit Card $20
Minimum amount of a value reload by ACH $1
Minimum amount of a value reload by P2P (if offered by your Bank/Credit Union) $1
Maximum Debit Load Amount per Day for main account $250
Maximum Debit Load per Month per Primary Account $1,000
Maximum ACH Load per Day per Primary Account $500
Maximum ACH Load per Month* per Primary Account $2000
Point-of-Sale Daily Spend Limit $800
Point-of-Sale Monthly Spend Limit $5,000

Log into the Parents’ App, click the child button, choose your child, you will see the most recent transactions. If you want to see all child transactions, click see all. You can click any of the transaction to see the detail.

Log into the Parents’ App, go to your child’s account, click card settings on the top and just click block card. You can request a replacement card after blocking the card. This will terminate the existing card and your child will receive a new card.


Your account will be established through the Parent App. Just check that the information provided by your parent is correct (spelling of your name, address, your DOB, your email).

Once your account is created by your parent, you will receive your card in the mail within few days. You will have instant access to your virtual card for online use and can activate it through the App.

If you’re eligible for Apple Pay and Google Pay (13 years for Apple Pay and 16 for Google Pay), you can add your card to your Apple or Google Pay digital wallet.

Yes, you can use your Teenz Card at over 60,000 ATMs in the USA wherever they’re part of the Accel or Moneypass Network. If your ATM displays the Mention Accel or Moneypass, your transaction will be free. If not, you may be charged by the operator.

You can find the closest Accel ATM through this link

You can find the closest Moneypass ATM through this link

You can create as many pockets you want through your App, for any purpose birthday, chore, summer, tuition or even for saving accounts. No need to create a new bank account.

If your friend is also using Teenz, you can send him money instantly through Teenz real-time P2P platform. Click +, Send, sdd a person, insert his/her email or phone. It’s that easy.

No, this feature is not available for the moment.

No, this feature is not available for the moment through the App.

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