Pursuing the a secure excursion off Neverland so you can Storybrooke, Mr

He requires a challenging hit while you are David pulls your to help you cover

Gold seals the package inside the pawnshop to keep Dish on bay. Hook says to Neal which he usually back off from chasing after Emma very Henry’s parents have a good danger of bringing back with her. In spite of this, Hook up desires an effective distraction of Emma and you will unsuccessfully tries to render Tinker Bell a glass or two, although she understands the guy obviously desires far more from this lady than you to definitely. A shout regarding additional interrupts this new cam, so they really hurry over to look at the and are also registered by David and you may Emma. Whenever Emma has got the uncertainty the two of them are now on it, Tinker Bell instantaneously denies they, although Connect begs in order to differ. The newest foursome catch up in the long run to witness the Shadow tearing away Mom Superior’s shadow. Shortly after regrouping on other people, it’s suspected Bowl try about the attack. Connect, Neal and you will Tinker Bell head to fetch the lightweight and coconut halves in the motorboat but if they must hook new Trace again. They try to enter the container in which Regina got Henry to continue him safer, but the door was locked. Belle, Emma, David, Mary Margaret and you can Mr. Silver restore a circulated Bowl, who is in reality Henry, since the two switched authorities. When Mr. Gold breaks unlock new vault, it’s discovered Dish took brand new search on the Black Curse. (“The fresh new Neverland”)

Toward Trace gone, Mom Advanced yields live and you can hand the latest Black colored Fairy’s rod to help you her or him

Mr. Gold shares having folk of your own merely viable answer to end Pan’s curse is for Regina, since original caster of the Black Curse, so you can undo it by destroying the fresh new browse, though there will be a steep rate because of it. It plan to key Henry to his very own muscles thus he will get in hands of search and you can take it so you’re able to Regina. Mr. Gold can do the fresh spell, but means a powerful retailer in order that they be effective. Tinker Bell possess experience in a robust Black Fairy wand one Mommy Premium leftover, therefore she, David, Connect and you will Neal query this new convent nuns with the item. The fresh Shadow bursts inside the since classification grab defense trailing the church pews. Hook up volunteers so you can distract the newest Trace, mentioning his personal life is at risk, but goes wrong in the event that creature knocks him away. Tinker Bell uses pixie dirt in order to light a flames towards the coconut half and flies into air in order to trap the new Shade; disposing the latest are for good by burning they within the a fire. Later on, Tinker Bell comprehends Hook’s factor in risking themselves prior to was to possess Emma. The three men reach the fresh pawnshop towards rod. Just after Henry’s heart efficiency to help you his or her own muscles, men and women but Mr. Silver works over to find the son. That have Granny’s recording enjoy, it reunite that have him. Regina passes out shortly after using scroll and you will awakens with knowledge of one’s price to possess ending the latest curse. He could be accosted by the Bowl when he steals back the brand new search and you will freezes her or him in place. The fresh new showdown concludes when Mr. Silver summons the brand new dagger and stabs Pan in addition to himself inside; eliminating both. After that, Regina admits the cost is all former Enchanted Forest people often end up being repaid on the old-world if you’re Storybrooke will disappear away from lifetime. To store Henry out of becoming alone, Emma will leave area which have your and Regina rewrites the recollections for of those so they skip what you. Before this, Link also provides Emma separating terms and conditions; stating that he’s going to contemplate their tend to. Just like the a couple cross out away from Storybrooke, Regina concludes the new curse of overpowering since the group within the town is distributed back to the newest Enchanted Forest. (“Going Family”)